I think every member of the Jewish Diaspora dreams to do business or find work in Israel, the country which is ours; and although we are spread around the globe, our thoughts are here in Israel, the Jewish State. In my life, I've come across several investors who wanted to do business in Israel, but were unsure of whom address and how to begin. In most cases businesses would start up with family connections, which is often not optimum, as they are unfamiliar with the domestic market, the mentality of the Israeli business world and as a result many promising enterprises flounder, leaving the original investor at a continued loss of how to invest, and in whom. Since the business world today is saturated, the competition for any product is difficult, it is vital to find the right man and/or investors for any consulting, business, marketing, research/development endeavor. Doron Amit, a 57 year man of action and entrepreneurship, director of the Project Survival (Hisardut) provides bankable business consulting services, business establishment, differentiation, branding your business, marketing and advertising, the essentials for having a successful, thriving business in the Land of Israel.

Small business consulting



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