Doron Amit: legend or true story?

דורון עמית יועץ עסקי
Doron Amit: legend or true story?

Aged 60, married with 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and tons of experience in life, especially in business.

As a 20 year old, long before internet and even fax, cellphones and social networks, I decided to open an independent business with my one and only talent: sales and excellent management, and chose to do the trial run abroad.

I'll never forget my first trip to Athens, Greece, where my plan was to sell solar panels. At the time, they were exclusively intended for heating water, unlike now and their development into electricity producing solar panels. As I flew back home on Olympic Airways, I was thrilled at having received my first order. Five containers, 40 feet long each, is where my commercial venture began, leading to the import and export of goods to and from Israel. There’s hardly a business sector I haven’t had contact with, such as heating elements for the hi-tech industry which was still in its earliest stages, domestic electrical appliances, cosmetics, industrial kitchens, electronics, communication equipment, fashion, agriculture, industrial food production and more. And there’s hardly a country where I haven’t worked, including throughout Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Egypt.

In addition to the above, I also initiated and established industries and commercial ventures in Israel, created unique patents in the field of printing, and set up marketing chains in Israel and America’s west coast as the owner of various companies in Israel and abroad.

The past six decades brought the technological revolution, demographic changes, and the development of civilization in areas where no business and commercial activities had previously existed. In the business world, any month might see a business category crushed and three new alternatives opening up instead. These swings made it very difficult to reinvent oneself repeatedly, whether in small or large scale fields. Just look, for example, at the fuel industry, where prices crashed because of alternatives to oil, such as shale oil or electrical vehicles. Covid-19 and the Russian ruble caused the total collapse of the fuel business, which we see now as Gulf States invest massive funds in finding alternative sources of future income. These changes are typical of both the local and international markets.

Having managed to keep my balance through all these tectonic upheavals in the business world, I am well positioned to offer vast management experience. I hold expertise in all areas of local and international business and commerce, and comprehensive technological knowhow particularly in the field of digital marketing which has become the central platform in sales and advertising. A medical issue has brought me to an amazing decision: I sold all my local and worldwide business ventures, and am now going to contribute my knowledge and experience to enrich businesspeople and companies on “how to manage a business correctly in the new business world.”

  1. Amit & Staff was established 20 years ago. Its strategy was directed at assisting businesses and companies on navigating through the business world’s crises as experienced over the past 50 years. We provide consultancy to companies, mentor companies and businesses, open markets for them in Israel and abroad, drive their finances, arrange lines of credit to support business growth, and maximize these into a totality of activities for the business or company.

Overall, we succeed far more than we fail. Let’s take a look at 2020 which is on its final run. The world turned upside down, a million died, millions have lost their businesses, handling a business has become as burdensome as a rock weighing heavily on a person’s shoulders, and my staff and I fought with gritted teeth to save as many businesses and manufacturers as possible from total wipeout, but nonetheless some were lost to the catastrophe known as Covid-19.

The business world can't sit quietly by and wait for the pandemic to fade. Businesses and the economy must carry on in tandem to Covid-19, just as many have done, by splitting their teams, using distance work options, and maximizing the advanced communications technologies we now have that enable staff to interlink at all times.

Bottom line, we believe that every business, small or large, has value. That’s why we handle a large number of great businesses with great products which have strong potential for growth and are suited to commerce everywhere, locally and internationally.

Doron Amit, CEO

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